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Our Staff

New Harbor runs with the support of dozens of servants, leaders, and behind-the-scenes help. 

Our top-tier of leadership is the Elder Board, made up of pastors and dedicated shepherds who oversee the spiritual health of the church and its congregation. 

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Lead Pastor

Kelly Patchin

Meet Pastor Kelly Patchin

Meet Pastor Kelly Patchin

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Joined NHCC 1994

Family Wife: Jennifer. Kids: Victoria, Blake, Isabel, Micah.

Favorite Coffee Creamer Irish cream

Favorite Place to Relax North Shore of Kauai

Fun Fact my favorite music is Christian club/dance

                                                       Joined NHCC in                                                                    2007 - 15 years ago!

Favorite color green!

Coffee or Boba? Do you even have to ask? Everyone knows that answer, coffee!

Dream Vacation Paris!

Fun Fact Kids keep me young, even if it's young at heart!