Blessing Bags

At the beginning of this year, our Children's Ministry had put on a fundraiser for several weeks to raise money for blessing bags for the homeless.  You were all incredibly generous at that time, helping us to nearly reach our goal!  Due to COVID we were unable to put that money to use before the lockdown, but now, we have been blessed with the opportunity to finally use that money for it's intended purpose!

We will be giving 150 blessing bags to a local clinic that frequently works with and treats the homeless and needy!

How you can be involved:
We will also be making these blessing bags available to you, the church!  These are bags of food, useful hygiene items, and a short booklet that shares the gospel.  They are easy to keep in your car and to share with those in need when you see them.


If you are interested in blessing others in this way, please email us at with the number of bags you would like! 
We will begin to deliver the bags to you the week after Thanksgiving.

If you are interested in helping deliver any of the bags the week after Thanksgiving, please email us and let us know!