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*Mixed Group*

Tuesdays | 7-8:30 pm | vonEmster home

Hosted by: Ted McDavitt

1st Corinthians Bible Study

By studying Paul's first letter to the church at Corinth, we will look at the challenges of life together in the Body of Christ. Life among Christians can be great. But it has its difficulties also!  I Corinthians gives us practical advice for overcoming the challenges of life together.

*Womens Group*

Thursdays | 7-8:30 pm | Hansen home

Hosted by: Katie Hansen

1 Peter Study

From the beginning of time, every era has struggled with adversity. Today is no different: job loss, Illness, debt, and stress. How do you navigate the trials of this fallen world? Join Sue Edwards on this inductive study of I Peter, where she reveals the promises Jesus gives the persecuted church: he will be with us, he will comfort us, and he will use these trials for His glory.

*Mixed Group*

Sundays | 2 pm | Conklin home

Hosted by: Dan Conklin

Exodus Bible Study

Our small group has four components: fellowship, study, discipleship, and prayer.

We encourage each other to live as disciples of Jesus. The group meets weekly and is open to men and women.

*Womens Group*

2nd Tuesdays | 10-11 am | Online

Hosted by: Jennifer Patchin

MOMs (Mentoring Other Moms)

Each month we will have a focused conversation on a parenting topic. There will be a time of instruction, discussion and sharing. We invite any women who are in the child rearing years to join us for encouragement, fellowship and mentoring in the pursuit of being godly parents and examples.

*Womens Group*

Thursdays | 7-8:30 pm | Online

Hosted by: Susan von Emster

Holy Spirit study

This transforming study will help us discover an alternative to the roller-coaster experience we may have accepted in our relationship with God. As we consider who the Holy Spirit is, what He’s up to, and how we can experience His power, we will become increasingly aware of God’s presence in our everyday lives. Helpful applications and open-ended questions about the Bible’s primary passages on the Holy Spirit make this an engaging and life-changing study.

*Mixed Group*

Sundays | 4 pm | Online

Every other Sunday starting 1/31

Hosted by: Roger Buttacavoli and Brandon Schilling

Acts Bible Study

We will be studying the book of Acts together online each week. This group is for men and women, couples and singles, of all ages.